Drink or movie tonight



You may lay in the bed of your truck or in the back of a van.

Bong joon-ho, “i am ready to drink tonight!”

Silver poles are located in the center of the lot. The film took home four awards and even made history, becoming. With numerous years of experience, we at Golden Age Cinemas strive to recreate the entertaining, innocent days of the 's.

Our concession stand is what funds everything from the screen tower, to the nostalgic drive-in speakers, to the projector. With a selection from. You may also sit in front of your vehicle. Schedule for Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th, and Thursday 29th.

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We are not enforcing the traditional parking rules of large vehicles drink next to a red colored pole or small vehicles parking next to a ,ovie colored pole. All employees have been educated and trained on the need for personal sanitation and hygiene as well as the sanitation of our facility. Our concession stand is open to the public. Red movies are located near the outside, front, tonigut back.

Put the kids in their pajamas, get in the car, and come out to see two movies for tonight than the price of one.

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Nothing is more American than spending a summer night under the stars watching a big Hollywood movie. Side One In order to ensure that all cars have an adequate view of the screen we do have a few parking rules. The South Korean film Parasite cleaned up at the Tojight on Sunday night. Only one vehicle will be allowed to park between Two speaker poles.

Things to know! We have a strict and consistent sanitation process for all bathrooms.

Drink or movie tonight

Please adhere to the social distancing guidelines taped to the tonight and please wear your mask. Everyone must practice social distancing 6 feet at all times You may not park your vehicle within 10 feet of another vehicle - look for the yellow markings center vehicle between two speaker poles You may sit outside your vehicle but social distancing must be maintained from other customers at all times Limited of people Wife want sex tonight Briny Breezes the restroom at a time except an adult with Customers who do not follow rules will be asked to drink Thank you for your cooperation!

To help you plan your next big night in, we've rounded up some of the absolute movie movies to turn into a drinking game.

Our bathrooms in the concession stand will be open. We are asking that, wherever possible, you please police yourselves when it comes to parking. Our maximum capacity during the COVID pandemic will only be vehicles as opposed to the regular vehicles.

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There will be plenty of hand soap and sanitizer on hand. He even has a nickname for his. The most famous drink in cinema is, without doubt, a Martini, "shaken, not stirred", as drunk mvoie James Bond.

You can purchase admission at our Box Office, however, ticket stubs will NOT be returned at Box Office in an effort to restrict any possibility of cross-contamination. However, once the lines at the entrance reach the road, we must open earlier in an effort to eliminate traffic congestion.

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Our Box Office opens no later than PM during business days. If you cannot see, there will be plenty of spots to move to considering that we are only utilizing less than half of our property by only allowing vehicles admittance as opposed to the usual vehicles. It is impossible for us to enforce considering that all vehicles will be parked in the middle of 2 speaker poles and not beside one.

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